Before you jump on your board and start paddling out, as a beginner you’ll need to start perfecting your pop-up.

The pop-up, if you haven’t yet guessed it, is the way surfers pop-up to catch the wave. And while the pros make it look quite seamless, it can take a few sessions or more to get the hang of it.


There are two main methods for learning the pop-up.

1.     Two-Steppin’
Okay, so it’s not the official name, but it means using two different steps to find your stance. To do this you plant your back foot first in the board, while you push yourself up and then plant your front leg. You are using the strength of your legs to put your body in the correct surfer stance. Surfers like to call this the “chicken wing pop-up”. This is great to learn first to get used to the correct position and the correct movement.

2.     The One Stepper
This is when you just push your body up and pull your legs underneath your chest. This is what you see when you watch the pros.

Ready to start practicing? You can practice at home. We have our top tips for the Two-Steppin’ below.

Image via sbsboards.com

Image via sbsboards.com

Start off by creating a line on the floor using masking tape or some string. Lie down on the line in the correct paddling position – this is where the centre is the centre line of your board, your chest is up and your eyes are forward.

1. Keep your legs closed together and keep your body in the centre of the string.

2. Place your hands under your chest. This is the most efficient way to push yourself up from the surfboard.

3. Start pushing yourself up to the cobra position. Note: yoga is not a prerequisite for this ;)

4. Bend the knee of your back leg so your back foot is brought forward. Place your foot over the centre of the line with the toes facing perpendicular to the rail. If you don’t know which one your back foot is, read our “Goofy vs Regular” post here.

5. As you push up, turn your hip and pull your front foot to where the centre of your chest lay.

6. You want to end up facing forwards with both feet on the string. Your back foot should be centre and perpendicular to the rail, and your front foot should be slightly on an angle.

Remember to keep looking forwards and stay low.

Practice makes perfect so come on down to Brighton Beach Scarborough and choose one of our surfboard hire options :)

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