6 Awesome tips for beginner surfers

Become a better surfer in a shorter amount of time with these handy tips, complied by the team at everyone’s favourite surf school in Perth.

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Surfing is the great equaliser. It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of car you drive or where

you’re from, everyone who enters the water for their first surf session is on exactly the same level.

That being said, if you’re serious about learning to surf, there are a few things that’ll give your dream

of becoming the next Kelly Slater or Stephanie Gilmore a serious head start. You won’t even need to

shave your dome.

Check them out below and as always, get in touch with our surf school in Perth if you’d like to book a

session this season.

Learn with an experienced instructor

Our best advice for beginner surfers is to learn the basics with an experienced instructor. At our surf

school in Perth, we have decades of knowledge that we can share with you. Not only will our

guidance make you a better surfer, you can also learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Something that is essential if you ever want to learn to surf properly.

Embrace the wipeout

Worried about wiping out? Don’t be. Literally everyone has a few falls when they’re learning to surf.

It’s pretty much inevitable. The best thing you can do is to embrace the wipeout and accept it as part

of the learning process. So instead of freaking out or getting frustrated, try telling yourself that every

slip or tumble takes you one step closer to standing up. And if all else fails, remember that you’re only

falling into water anyway.

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Book multiple sessions

One session at our surf school in Perth is more than enough time for most people to get a hang of the

fundamentals. For those of you who are eager to up your skills and start moving onto more

challenging waves though, we suggest booking multiple sessions. By doing so you can focus on

improving your technique with each surf, thereby accelerating the learning process.

Keep those knees bent

One of the keys to surfing is maintaining your balance. Without a good sense of balance, you’ll end up

spending more time being dumped than on your board. By bending your knees while at the same time

keeping your head centred over your body though, you’ll improve your centre of gravity and therefore

improve your balance. Vastly increasing your chances of riding a wave to completion in the process.

Bring a friend to learn with

Everything is better when you can share it with a friend, and a session at our surf school in Perth is no

different. You can learn an exciting new skill together, call each other into waves and make some

memories that’ll last a lifetime. To the point we reckon you’ll both be swapping stories about how

great your surf lesson was for years to come.

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Don’t forget to have fun

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun. It’s the reason why the team at our surf school in Perth do

what they do and one of the best things about surfing in general. There’s no expectations and it’s

impossible not to be a good mood when you’re in such a beautiful location. So smile, laugh and enjoy

learning to surf with Go Surf today.

What to expect when booking a surf lesson in Perth with Go Surf

What to expect when booking a surf lesson in Perth with Go Surf

Thinking about booking a surf lesson in Perth but aren’t quite sure what to expect? Then check out the following guide to get an idea as to what Go Surf Perth is all about.

Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps

Our enchanting surf haven has gained well-earned recognition in the recently published list, Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps. This list was put together by Flight Network, a leading travel agency who heavily researched the go-to surf spots in Australia and New Zealand. We’re thrilled to be included alongside many of the best destinations to catch waves, in a continent that has seemingly endless options.


This article highlighted the playful waves at Brighton Beach, which break in clear waters that are friendly to all levels of surfers. Also mentioned were our pristine beaches and miraculously, uncrowded surf, offering little competition for the best waves. To get the most out of your time here, our team at Go Surf Perth offers group or private surf lessons.

Our surf school provides something for everyone, including beginner and intermediate surfing certificate courses, advanced surf coaching, team building sessions, surfing awareness for kids and adults, parties, lessons for school groups and more. Surfers can rest assured that all instruction is provided by accredited surfing instructors who have qualifications for surf rescue, senior first aid, and working with children. We take the utmost of care with every lesson we provide and make it our number one priority to encourage and empower every individual we have the pleasure of working with. Come catch a wave with us!

Be sure to check out FlightNetwork out on Facebook and Twitter.

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