Go Surf Perth in Winter!

With the thought of grey skies and frozen fingertips, surfing in winter definitely seems less than ideal. But did you know it’s actually the best time to surf? Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, the winter waves are worth it. And here’s why:

The water temperature at Perth Metropolitan beaches - including Leighton Beach in Fremantle where we reside in winter - actually remains at a pretty even constant, hovering around 18 - 19 degrees Celsius. This means that although you think the water is colder than normal, it’s actually not! Don’t believe us? Our Leighton Beach blog explains it all here.

During winter, Leighton Beach is blessed with offshore winds which creates small, clean, gentle rolling waves. It is less likely that you will get dumped, and more likely you will be able to stand up and ride your wave to shore. We specifically run our winter lessons at Leighton for these reasons.

Starting to feel motivated? Check out our top tips for getting that bootay out of bed so you don’t get cold, erm, feet.

1. Surf with us :)
We have installed our hot shower at the Go Surf van so there are no excuses :) Check the video out below.

2. Fuel up
Your pre-game meal is always important, but in winter it is extra important. A hot cuppa joe and some carbs will keep your body warm and fueled. The GoSurf coaches usually fuel up with a warm bowl of porridge with some fresh, in-season fruit. We also take inspiration from our friends at NOOD Cafe. Check out some of their delicious healthy recipes here

3. Suit up
GoSurf will always provide you with a full-length wetsuit for your lesson. But if you are looking to purchase your very own, we’ve teamed up with Quicksilver Wetsuits to give you 25% off warm winter wetsuits and accessories. Just send us an email to info@gosurfperth.com to enquire.

Volte Wetsuits

4. Rug up
Bring an extra towel and pack those tracky dacks. After your session you’ll want to rug up and keep warm.

5. Bottle up
Bring a bottle with some boiling water. By the time you’ve finished your surf, the water will be warm enough to pour over yourself so you don’t have to wash off under the cold showers.

6. Drink up
After you surfing lesson be sure to head down to the Orange Box Cafe. It’s a 2-minute walk from where the surf lesson is held and the friendly staff will sort you out with a warm beverage and some delicious food. 

Winter Surf Lessons Perth




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